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Ambassador Notes November 2020
  • 24 November 2020
  • 09:28
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Dear Valued Customer,

In recent months Big Chill has seen deliveries being consigned for business addresses that are non-food retailers, food service, food manufacturers, QSR or restaurants entering our network.

Big Chill understands that the development of this market has been a result of the COVID19 event.

Big Chill will not pick up or deliver to any residential addresses (even if it is operating as a food manufacturer).

Some shippers are asking for deliveries to business addresses for what are online sales or destined direct for the consumer (B2C).

These type of non-commercial and residential deliveries are NOT currently part of the Big Chill service offering.

For orders/consignments of this nature Big Chill recommends that a courier service be utilised.

It is important that we focus our delivery efforts on standard food delivery points as we enter the busiest period of the year. As such these type of non-commercial & residential deliveries are not permitted to enter the Big Chill network at this time.

Finally, If you have any new delivery locations that are not already setup and operating then please ensure that you communicate these directly to your sales representative where they will be reviewed and confirmed back as acceptable or not achievable.

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