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Our warehousing facilities in Auckland and Christchurch are both modern, secure and offer temperature controlled in chilled & frozen environments. Also located at these facilities are our Transport Operations which allows for seamless integration through delivery.

Our facilities are maintained to the highest standards and all sites are certified food grade with MPI accreditation. With the latest material handling equipment, our warehouses are safe, efficient and secure. We offer a variable price solution to a wide range of customers.

The WMS has the ability to receive and confirm transactions electronically (EDI), and both the order and inwards process are completed via RF. This allows live time transactions with little to no need for paper. Stock control, along with daily, weekly and monthly stock checks are normal practices.

Our wide range of services include:

  • Product labeling.
  • Cartonisation.
  • Carton or full pallet picking.
  • MPI accredited transitional facility for devanning of imported containers.
  • Quality Control Inspection
  • Stock Control
  • Synergies between 3PL and Distribution

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Our tier one, best in breed WMS can be tailored to your specifc requirements and provides end to end visibility of inventory and the order management process.

  • Receive alerts on any data, on any condition that can be sent to any recipient i.e. minimum stock levels, stock age, shelf life remaining etc.
  • Submit orders or receipts directly into the WMS via EDI or MS Excel templates.
  • Enter manual orders via the customer portal.
  • View and download inventory balances and transaction history – in total, by customer or SKU.
  • View and download inventory balances and transaction history – in total, by customer or SKU.
  • Lookup and download copies of packing lists.
  • Set up your own custom schedule of queries and automate these reports direct to your inbox.
  • View SKU master data information.

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